Monthly Archives: June 2016

Frustrated with Parkinson’s? Take a Tango Lesson!

If you’ve never studied dance, you probably aren’t skilled at the demi-plié or the soft shoe, but you can manage the basic movements of walking or cutting a rug at a wedding. You probably also take for granted the fact that you can walk out of your house, forget to check your mailbox, and walk backwards […]

Music Therapy for Processing Emotion in Clients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Steve Martin once said, “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” This is especially true when talking about the emotional qualities of music- musicologists, philosophers, and theorists have argued about where the emotion comes from for years- is it in the music? Is it in the listener? Is it in the quarks that lie […]

Acting Out: Role-playing in Drama Therapy

“Yes, the theatre can play an enormous part in the transformation of the whole of existence.” -Vsevolod Meyerhold Psychodrama was created in the 1920s by Dr. J.L. Moreno, who thought people could gain more from acting out their problems than by talking about them. Clients reenact events and act out problems in an efficient way, gaining […]