Kate Beever has pioneered the field of music therapy in Maine. She grew up in Gorham and graduated from USM and got her masters in music psychotherapy at NYU, interning at Beth Israel Medical Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center before returning to Maine to open Maine Music & Health.
Kate Beever

Kate Beever

Kate has done group and individual client work in over 20 towns as a board-certified music therapist and consults with major hospitals and arts organizations. She works with children and adults with cancer, brain injury, developmental disabilities, and dementia, as well as wellness settings. Kate keeps up an active schedule of speaking engagements and performances and founded the Maine State Music Therapy Task Force. She is a member of the Maine Arts Commission and the USM alumni board.
Kate is a percussionist, singer, pianist, and guitarist; and loves stand-up paddling in the summer and skiing in the winter. She’s been a lifetime maker, supporter, and believer in the arts; creating conversations and collaborations to connect the arts to other fields.
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