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Erin Curren was looking for some new dance offerings in Portland back in 2007 and discovered Nia. Nia is a fusion fitness class that blends three major movement forms- martial arts, dance, and the healing arts. There are guided, choreographed steps, and then free dance mixed in to each hour long class. Nia began in […]

Together is Better: How to make art with new Mainers to build community

Refugee resettlement programs in Maine have created development and investment in communities but has lacked cohesion at times. Urban and rural areas should look for ways to assimilate new Mainers without taking away from their home culture identities- one way to do this is through public and community art. Humans have a fundamental relationship with […]

Frustrated with Parkinson’s? Take a Tango Lesson!

If you’ve never studied dance, you probably aren’t skilled at the demi-plié or the soft shoe, but you can manage the basic movements of walking or cutting a rug at a wedding. You probably also take for granted the fact that you can walk out of your house, forget to check your mailbox, and walk backwards […]

Good Posture for a Good Mood

Recent research on embodied cognition shows that cognitive states are influenced by the state of the body- this means that your thinking doesn’t just come from your brain, it also comes from your physical experience of the world around you. If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘fake it ’til you make it!’, know that this actually does kind […]