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Together is Better: How to make art with new Mainers to build community

Refugee resettlement programs in Maine have created development and investment in communities but has lacked cohesion at times. Urban and rural areas should look for ways to assimilate new Mainers without taking away from their home culture identities- one way to do this is through public and community art. Humans have a fundamental relationship with […]

Music Therapy for Processing Emotion in Clients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Steve Martin once said, “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” This is especially true when talking about the emotional qualities of music- musicologists, philosophers, and theorists have argued about where the emotion comes from for years- is it in the music? Is it in the listener? Is it in the quarks that lie […]

Why is Music Therapy Good for People with Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s Disease, like many medical diagnoses, brings with it many challenges. Along with the obvious physical difficulties, a new diagnosis can be stressful for both the patient and his/her loved ones. Navigating a confusing system of healthcare options while just trying to get through a day without pain or discomfort can be exhausting, and many […]